Coach For Life

At CrossFit Haarlem everyone has their own “Coach for Life”. This coach guides you through the process of becoming fitter and is 100% responsible for your progress.


We are all about community spirit. Regardless of your level of fitness, we inspire each other to perform at their best by training in a group.


We optimise balance, strength, endurance and movement skill training by our unique combination of intense workouts.

Why CrossFit Haarlem?

Our unique approach to training incorporates a combination of personal guidance and intense group training. 

Every new member starts with the Fundamentals which is our starters course. In this way we give you our full attention to start safe and efficiently.

After you have learned the basic skills, you are able to join our group training which can have up to 12 athletes. By keeping the classes small, we preserve quality and proper coaching for everyone.

We require our coaches to follow our international continued education program offered by the MadLab Group. In this way continually develop and innovate our way of coaching and methods.

Small Groups
Maximum of 12 persons per hour -
Experienced Coaches
More the 12000 hours of CrossFit coaching -
Personal Attention
160 Members | We know you by name -
For every level of fitness
From 16 to 66 years old | From beginners to high level athletes -

Our Coaches

Justin Peeters

Due to my background with the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps I’ve gained a lot of experience regarding the human body. Read More

Senna Huibers

With my experience in gymnastics I think a personal approach to training is very important. Read More

Jarno Luijken

I started coaching out of a passion for teaching training methods. My personal goal is to help my members to excel in their physical and mental capacity. Read More

More Info

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Our method

The goal of our method is to develop your fitness level in a very broad and general way. We want to find the best combination of all general physical skills:

  • Strenght
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Stamina
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Balance
  • Agility
  • Accuracy
  • Coordination

What do our members say?

  • Connector.


    “I’m more agile, stronger and fitter than ever. I learned things I thought were no longer possible at my age. The coaches give you very good feedback so you learn to safely implement new training techniques.”

  • Connector.


    “Since I train at CrossFit Haarlem I have a new group of friends. I became fitter, feel healthier and more confident. If you’re going to start at CrossFit Haarlem, you’ll notice that your life is changing. For me it’s addicting!”

  • Connector.


    “The CrossFit Haarlem method is an excellent training for practitioners of martial arts. My experience has shown that their method provides an increase in strength, speed, balance and endurance, which are basic ingredients for optimal performance in the dojo and in the ring!”

Let’s meet!

Let’s meet!

CrossFit Haarlem

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